Envisioning a brighter future for the children of Tanzania

Welcome to Warioba Pre and Primary School

Our Vision

To address some of the biggest challenges faced by the underprivileged kids of the community and empower them to build a secure future

Founded with the support of Warioba Child Compassion Centre and Daycare (WCC), the Warioba Pre and Primary School was born out of the vision of Mr. Rioba Thomas Boke. With assistance from generous donors around the world, this vision became a reality when WCC was able to open an English Primary school for the children of Arusha, Tanzania who would otherwise not have access to the education they need and deserve. As the institution aims at growing further, WCC continues to reach out to and extend its support to the neighboring villages of Mungushi, Mzimuni, and Nduruma, located within Arusha.

A Brighter Tomorrow Awaits

With a holistic approach towards learning, we have developed a comprehensive curriculum that will aid the overall development of the children. Our objective is to help nurture every child in all aspects of their lives. From real-life skills, to theoretical knowledge, from practical application, to morale and values, we strive to build an environment that will help our kids thrive in their journeys of growth. Following the syllabus and curriculum provided by the ministry of education in Tanzania, we teach the following subjects.




Life at Warioba School

Classrooms | Artworks | Sports | Campus Construction

The children at our schools come from underprivileged backgrounds, and we are trying our very best to create a nurturing environment for them, one that prepares them for a better and brighter future. We therefore wish to equip our environment with all necessary provisions that will aid in enhancing the Warioba School experience.

A Culture of Craftsmanship

We make every effort to integrate a wholesome environment into our system. Apart from imparting knowledge, we also help upskill our students so they can make their places in the world while being rooted in their rich culture. We have therefore created a platform for the kids of Warioba Schools to showcase their talent and creativity by being constantly encouraged to indulge in different forms of art. You can check out our range of such handcrafted products and show your support by making a purchase. All proceeds will go towards the development of Warioba Schools. 



Make a Difference

Every day, we are working hard to ensure that the kids of our community get the education they deserve, within an atmosphere that allows them to grow to their full potential. 

A little help from you will go a long way in helping us achieve our objective. 

Join the movement to contribute towards our cause and make a difference in the lives of the children of Tanzania. 

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You can also opt for a sponsorship package and join us in our journey of growth. There’s scope of development in a lot of areas when it comes to developing our institute and your sponsorship will assist us in working towards building a better future for our children. Listed below are some of the things that need overall improvement and that your sponsorship can help us with. 


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